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Check / Uncheck all checkboxes

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It’s a common problem: you have a list of elements on a page and you want yout user to be able to do something to several or all elements at once (delete, move, etc.) so you give each element a checkbox and a „delete selected“ button (or similar :~). Everything is cool but then you figure it would be nice to have a „select all“ resp. „unselect all“ box too, so help avoid „click orgies“. So in the page you generate something like this:

<input type=’checkbox‘ id=’sel1′ value=’xxx‘ name=’sel[]‘ /> xxx
<input type=’checkbox‘ id=’sel2′ value=’yyy‘ name=’sel[]‘ /> yyy
<input type=’checkbox‘ id=’sel3′ value=’zzz‘ name=’sel[]‘ />  zzz
<input type=’checkbox‘ id=’selAll‘ value=“ name=’selAll‘ onClick=’selectAll(this.checked, \“sel[]\“)‘ /> (un)select all

There are several ways of doing this, but I like my solution, just because its mine its short and effective:

function selectAll(state, name) {
..boxes = document.getElementsByName(name);
..boxCnt = boxes.length;
..for (i=0; i<boxCnt; i++) {
....boxes[i].checked = state;

That’s it!


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